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Heya all,

I thought maybe I'd post some of my progress vids here for a newbie game I'm designing/messing with (I am learning programming for GameMaker Studio)

I'll call it 'Tanks in a Field' for now...basically it's just a silly game to test what I've learnt!

Tanks In A Field splashscreen by Destro7000

The player is a tank on a lame grass background with a flag on it, enemy tanks have other flags, and 'wall-bouncing' behaviour as well as shrinking/growing by a 5th until they vanish when hit by shells.

The Player is actually 2 sprites and has tracks that follow W,A,S,D, keys, but a Turret sprite locked on top that looks at mouse direction all the time.

Sounds were initially made by me growling tank sounds into a microphone :XD: , but newer sounds are created by a free soundfile synthesizer website.

The background has a lot better grass. I can't show you death (it crashed at the time I took the vid) but the player bursts into pieces and then respawns. That river is buggy, wading through it is meant to add minor slowdown of your movement in the direction of the current, but at the moment it actually shoots you South off the map like a jump-pad or something. 

There are 3 enemy types, (GermanTank, AnimatedTank, GlitterTank) GlitterTank is pink and yellow for no reason other than to look different, hence the name, and you can cause them to spawn in hordes by 'flaming' a pink monolith, the other 2 tank varieties spawn on their own every 2 seconds randomly in the map, or when killed.

Dying tanks cascade debris through the world that can kill other tanks, via chain reaction if they're close enough.

There are 3 weapons you now pick up off the floor instead of having them defaultly attached to you (machinegun, flamethrower, heavy slugs), they used to affect every enemy differently, now they mostly affect them all, except GlitterTank doesn't respond to flame because when it dies it spawns its own 'monolith'/gravestone which is the spawnpoint for more of itself (which responds to flame, so if I shot enough flame to kill a GlitterTank and more, the additional flames would accidentally spawn a horde, which the Player would not want to do!)

The river now works how it's supposed to, and there are mines you can lay as traps...these not only kill an Enemy running over them, but also take away its auto-respawn ability :D So basically mines do a bit of floor-clearing in a crowded map.

Might post a new video soon...the game now has droppable mines which reduce enemy's ability to respawn, the river works on the player (but not on the enemies), there's a friendly NPC turret, that thanks to a helpful coder on youtube helping me out, is able to look at and shoot nearby enemies, and a big graphical boost has been given by muddy tank tracks that my bro suggested and I managed to sort out pretty quickly - adds a lot to the look!


'German Tanks' (is that flag even Germany?) now able to follow the player in tight circles and shoot wen in range. They collide a little bit with solid walls (of which I have created a 'modular brick' kind) but still get stuck in them sometimes. They think they can shoot/see the player through walls at the moment, eugh. There's also a lame frontend menu that you can start the game from.

Flags fixed to be correct, except hero tank. New weapon: WallBuster as they say on the tin and come with a bizarre smoke effect that animates over the player as they fire a slow shot that removes pieces of Solid wall.

Tom Francis taught us HUD & Powerups in his most recent tute, so I now have his standard power-bar down the bottom of the screen, and made the AnimatedTanks (French tanks) drop little Monoliths that add to the rate-of-fire of HeavySlugs, so if you kill 20/pickup 20, your super-heavy shell things get fired like a machine-gun rather than a slow cannon. A bit overkill, but it's nice to mess with.
I'd like to try and add a health bar or change the shape and placement of the bars, as well as do some other fixes with the menu system (which looks simple but seems complicated to code for!)

I diverged by Game folder into 2 projects (realising that a lot of stuff @Pentadact was teaching us isn't entirely suited to a tank game - such as shrinking enemies, etc) so now I have 'Messaround' where I can follow his code teachings, and the actual 'TanksInAField' which I'll be discussing here.

Spent most of Sunday fixing bugs in which I was trying to give the main enemy (GermanTank) the concept of health, which seemed to break Gibs, Quit button, Spawn Counter, and HeavySlugs firing after Machinegun fires. They all got fixed in the end and I went on to pursue some simpler stuff (as a reward maybe?) :)


Added a tiny piece of code that made Tanks veer off in a curve (by 0.5 degrees per step) when faced with a wall at 300pixels distance. Now all tanks move in straight lines then when in 'presence' of a wall they attempt to steer away. This actually helps collision bugs a lot when they finally hit a wall (not as many of them spin in wild spirals of confusion!)

I fixed an annoying 'swish' sound that came from burning tanks, and added ground decals for Tank death (burn marks) and PanickingMan death (blood stains).

Here is the video for this build:


On Tuesday (I think?) I implemented PlayerTank death more properly, so you don't die and reassembled as a respawn mechanic (taught to me in tutorials) but instead your Tank gets destroyed after 5 hits and you become a 'PanickingPlayer' Edvard Munch Scream painting style man and run around screaming, until you pick up a key that opens a door to a compound where fresh Player Tanks are stored.

It's the most easy-to-implement respawn strategy at the mo that makes sense, but it'd be nice to see Tanks airdropped in to you in future or something.

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